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Yoga Retreats

Surf Yoga Retreats morocco, surf town morocco


Yoga is ideal for both an experienced surfer and a beginner. Strengthening the body, making it more flexible, developing a sense of balance, improving concentration, giving clarity to the mind, yoga actively helps progress in skating.
Asanas of yoga can be used to prepare and strengthen the muscles of the body as a whole, to warm up the muscles and joints in front of the surf session and to stretch and relax them after surfing.
Our yoga sessions at sunrise and sunset are optimally designed so that your progress in surfing is as quick and enjoyable as possible.

Morning session, more dynamic Vinyas flow practices are aimed at developing the strength and endurance of the muscles involved in surfing, warming up and preparing the body for a day surf sessions, increasing concentration and attention, and gaining energy and charging positive for the whole surfing day. Evening practices at sunset are more passive, they are aimed at deep stretching and relaxation of muscles overworked for a day, these practices will help you to slow down, relax and realize as deeply as possible all the charm of the past day and quickly recover to the next.

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Duration    Standard
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from 1 to 6 days 85 €  100 € 
1 Week 540 €  660 € 
10 days 740 € 910 €
2 Weeks 990 € 1230 €

All prices are per person.

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