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we are located in a berbere village called Tamraght 14 Km north of The Agadir City and 3 km south of Taghazout village in front of one of the famous surf spots called Divel’s rock.

EU passport holders with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date do not require a visa to enter Morocco for tourist purposes.
If you hold a passport from outside the European Union we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy.
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Absolutely! Spend Christmas or New Year on the beach in the sun and surf some great waves.

Morocco is served by direct flights from the UK and other major European airports, with flight times to Agadir between 2-4 hours. Guests traveling from the Uk can connect either in Casablanca or at a European airport as there are no direct flights to Agadir. More info.

For Marrakech: Ryanair – Skyscanner – Easyjet – Atlas-blue – Royal Air Maroc.

Children of all ages are welcome but we do not have specialized child care facilities.

Early all European networks work in Morocco. Contact your network for call charges. The coverage is good. There is an abundance of public phones (coins and cards). International call charges are relatively cheap. It is free available. There is also a broadband internet cafe in the Tamraght village.

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. Exchange rates at the last time of checking were around (13 DH £1 ) (11 DH €1 ) and (8 DH $1).

Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco. There are exchange facilities and an ATM at the airport. There are also plenty of ATM in Agadir. There is no ATM in Taghazout, the nearest is Aourir, a five-minute drive from Taghazout. This machine and many other ATMs in Morocco do not accept Maestro and can be unreliable if you have a VISA card we recommend you bring it.

Please note: traveler’s cheques are not a good idea for Morocco.

Morocco is an all-year-round destination for great surf and great weather.  Surf Town Morocco  is open all year apart Ramadan. The summer months (June – September) see small to medium swells with surf mostly on the beaches and reefs on the more exposed northwest coast.

Typical wave size and temperatures. Your choice of wetsuit comes down to personal choice and tolerance. The best all-rounder is a 3/2mm full suit. or shorty one.

There are a few surf shops in the Tamraght Village. They now stock a fair bit of hardware: leashes, wax, deck grip, etc. Surfboard and clothing selection is also growing. Most of the shops offer board repairs, they are often great value and of good quality.

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country, and men and women are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts. Swimming costumes and bikinis are normal on the beach but it is advisable to cover up your arms and legs a bit when walking around town. Shorts, tees and flip flops are the norms. Trousers and jumpers are sometimes needed particularly in mid-winter when the evenings can be chilly so warm clothes are a good idea during that period.

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs. like in Europe.

Yes, Bath towels but not beach towels are available for your stay and you will need to bring your own beach towels.

It’s really up to you. You can dine on the terraces overlooking the surf and enjoy a drink under the stars, get comfy in the salon and watch a film, go and have a mint tea in the village and check out the scene in this bustling little fishing village or we can arrange taxis for those who fancy checking out Agadir’s nightlife!

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If you are looking for an unforgettable surfing holiday? Morocco is one of the greatest surfing destinations in the world. we operate several locations including Surf Camp, Self Catering apartments. we also offer yoga classes, and surf school as well. We are based in a traditional, beautiful, and friendly Amazigh village called Tamraght (Taghazout Bay). We guaranty you that you can have a cozy night’s sleep, very calm.

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Surf Lessons Package

Surf Lessons Package, perfect for beginners and impovers. included adapted surf equipment suited to your weight and your level…

les cours de surf au maroc, Surf Town Morocco

Surf Guiding Package

Each day with our experienced local surf guide you will explore and search for an unforgettable surf of your life.

Yoga and Surfing Package

The Yoga and Surf Package particularly well suited to surfers’ needs. While a new surfer can get benefits from the strength-building..

We would love to welcome you to our beautiful Surf and Yoga Camp.

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